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I gotta say...Today was a Blu day! 😉💿🎥🎬

I gotta say...Today was a Blu day! 😉💿🎥🎬


  1. calviinsmiith

    This pic is wow.

  2. moviebeast_237

    You guys got the shape of water already?😥😢

  3. filmcollector87

    I’ll be getting most of these as soon as I get off work

  4. cinema_de_brandiago

    @moviebeast_237 yep! Out today.

  5. cinema_de_brandiago

    @filmcollector87 nice!

  6. princegym55

    Very sweet :)

  7. cquinlan1

    Shape of Water!! ❤️

  8. moviebeast_237

    @cinema_de_brandiago we still need to get iTonya, Three Billboards and Shape Of Water 😢 three of my recent favorites

  9. moviebeast_237

    @cinema_de_brandiago oh Ye, and Coco/Lady Bird😢

  10. brownninja89

    Awesome my dude!

  11. huss_life


  12. heber_stanton

    Really like this🙆👍 Check out my stuff!

  13. marius.21.10.97



    These photos are fantastic!

  15. djmemphis10


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