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Goofing around on the rollers @martinlabuda and I managed impressive synchronicity on our first try jumping spinning and landing at the exact same time. I feel like this should be a sport if it isn’t already??? #synchronicity  @k2skis @smithoptics @peakperformance @peakperformancecan Vid by Ian


  1. ledocter


  2. attabubu


  3. ouzkrmn

    amazing, nice shot..=)

  4. nick.steers

    @sueshih 😂😎

  5. makkusuchyaaruzu

    Do you spin to the right naturally? Apparently that is harder

  6. travelthroughlifehannah

    That looks amazing. It looks like you’ve been to some awesome places! It’s inspiring to see...👏🏼✨

  7. nick.steers

    @makkusuchyaaruzu ya bud. I always do shit the hard way😜

  8. j.loganleonhardt


  9. roamingtheglobe_


  10. travel.with.this.girl

    Nice shot!! 👌👌

  11. sdz_trial

    Good stuff!

  12. simonlenoires


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