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Let me elevate your sleeping experience, you little puker #mybabyrevi #babypukes #soundscuterthanitis


  1. jennygonthego

    #brilliant  I have a friend with a child that had acid reflux so I'm passing this on to her. He sleeps in the newborn Napper but still is not enough elevation. They need a Sleep Number bed for babies

  2. whitneyboydphoto

    @jennygonthego yea she sleeps in the rocknplay, but I hate that she’s always scrunched up. And sometimes the swaddle can creep up in that and cover her face. Also the 2 year old can reach her in the rock play. Obviously this solution only works until they are mobile, but I’ll take it!

  3. whitneyboydphoto

    Update @jennygonthego, at 2 months, she was wiggly enough to roll into a bad position. Abort! Abort! Maybe it was too much elevation

  4. ashrydiaz

    I just used a little boppy wedge and it was enough to help but not be unsafe. Want me to send it?

  5. jennygonthego

    @whitneyboydphoto I actually thought of an awesome invention when I saw this!