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  1. jake_fejer827

    @ricardossalvador do it

  2. huigbertsgamed

    What you see: "The Chancellor, The SENATE, The Sith Lord" What I see: "The SENATE, The SENATE, The SENATE"

  3. same_pic_of_good_boi_everyday

    I post the same pic of a good boi everyday

  4. ali_achacoso

    The senate is thiccc

  5. vacch90

    @huigbertsgamed not yet.

  6. isaacmroberts

    @vacch90 it’s treason then

  7. magc9000

    @humanxfly that's exactly what I thought as well

  8. parting_waters

    Dark Side gang gang!

  9. capri.sonne1312

    i'M tHe SeNaTe


    @capri.sonne1312 not yet.

  11. jotape_donoso

    He IS the senate.

  12. jimmyjamesbaran


  13. dr.siranovic

    Find out how he became the senate with one wierd trick

  14. rabberno3

    @bk_foot_lettuce no, he is the SENATE!

  15. samuelrogersepulveda

    "I am the senate"

  16. alex10youtube

    The SENATE

  17. kenton_diazleal

    The senate

  18. davidlg427

    The Emperor!

  19. mo.lct

    Hello there!

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