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@dannyvintagenyc yo this was so much more of an official record than Throw Ya Guns... plus #biohazard  was in the video. Sticky killed it. Actually they all came off. Whole track was 💣💣💥#onyx  #goldenagehiphop 


  1. dannyvintagenyc

    Great record.... Throw Ya Gunz was my shit tho... that Nautilus sample...

  2. lex_pistols

    @dannyvintagenyc 😑stop it w yr nautica sample lolol this joint was so much iller... it was around this time that a few heads had this sound and it was all official... a couple producers had this sound.. it was like a ditc/ almost Pete rock sound... the horns and the real heavy bass.. that was always my shit. Heavy bass and horns in that era.. I used to cut/slice all the joints and put them together like that off Mayhem and Stretch n Bob if they didn't know to put em in that order already... somewhat

  3. buchanonbangaz

    I disagree with everything you said! This song was for parents and children. (Which i get!) BUT.......”Throw Yah Gunz” Was hard!!!! Serious!!! Beat was was crazy, not comical like “Slam” yup i said it....a “Comical beat” 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. lex_pistols

    @buchanonbangaz yo you know what's funny?? I totally agree with everything you just said- LOLOL except switch the two songs LOL I had thought the very same of Throw Ya Guns... that's why I hated it when it came out... it reminded me of everything on the track right after this on this whole playlist (Jeru the Damaja "playin ya self") I like both records in present day though... regardless

  5. lex_pistols

    @buchanonbangaz but also chill.... this beat was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!! Both tracks were Chyskills... most of onyx was I think if not all.... this track was so sick.. the beat.. how can you front on it?!?!! Are u insane!??! large pro had joints w the horns like that too...

  6. lex_pistols

    @buchanonbangaz horns kid!!!!

  7. buchanonbangaz

    @lex_pistols I’m not fruntin on it! But “Throw Yah Gunz”....”Shiftee”....”Suckin The Next Ni&&az” those where monstrous to me. “Slam” felt like a carnival beat. 🤷🏾‍♂️ And Yes Chyskills and JMJ was behind that production. Hard!!!!

  8. lex_pistols

    @buchanonbangaz shiftee was dope. They had so many bangers....

  9. catalyst923

    This whole album was 🔥🔥🔥Ya bitchass bootlegga muthafucca playin' my tape... ya get shot!

  10. alllyrical

    Rest In Peace Chyskills