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Geissele all the things.

Geissele all the things.


  1. therooster_jr

    You need more Geissele

  2. recce_ryan

    @therooster_jr Dang, I knew it. RIP bank account.

  3. therooster_jr

    @rkaly the problem with Geissele is you start with a “buy once, cry once” mentality. Then you have an urge to replace ever possible part on your kit with Geissele.. only to later visualize several other builds all covered in Geissele as well

  4. placescapes

    @therooster_jr Thank goodness for @algdefense

  5. therooster_jr

    @placescapes I’ll know that my Geissele problem is real when I buy a $750 @abeandmoe knife

  6. recce_ryan

    @therooster_jr I've never heard of them, but just looked them up. They say they utilize a proprietary heat treat on PD1... I wonder if it's any good. I'd have a hard time replacing Bark River CPM-3V and Cruwear

  7. placescapes

    @therooster_jr wow! Yea you could get 2 super precision’s for that money! I’m about throw down like 5 hundo on a mount and trigger, but if you want the best, you gotta pay for it.

  8. therooster_jr

    @rkaly it’s a Geissele brand

  9. recce_ryan

    @therooster_jr No kidding? Thats crazy. That explains the price lol. I know that sheath adds a considerable amount to the price.

  10. therooster_jr

    @rkaly haha yup. But if you look on the site there’s some more affordable models in the $200 range. That’s just the “flagship.” Sorry in advance for your paycheck going to one of them

  11. recce_ryan

    @therooster_jr Lol! I'm done with high end knives for now, I've sold all my knives that were worth over $400. I never used them anyway. I kept all the knives in the $200 range, I find that to be the sweet spot of balance between quality/durability, and value.

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