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  1. equipment_exchange_llc

    Nice boom configuration 👍

  2. stefano_lucignano


  3. stefano_lucignano

    fixed undercarriage?

  4. kocurekexcavators

    @stefano_lucignano hydraulic three positions

  5. kocurekexcavators

    @equipment_exchange_llc 👍

  6. oilquickusa

    Great set up, we need more of these available in the US.

  7. equipment_exchange_llc

    @oilquickusa Absolutely, job specific gear is over due for the U.S. , need that infrastructure bill signed ASAP 🇺🇸

  8. courtneyjames83

    Nice to see our tube and chrome bar going into some impressive applications 👍 #hydraulicsupplies 

  9. ianwilson0

    @kocurekexcavators what kind of breaker is on the 374 in third photo?

  10. b_saxon27


  11. brolly_91


  12. realglenn.m

    @conaldowling 🔥

  13. spacespodcast

    Nice page! You might get some value out of our podcast. Check it out, we discuss architecture, construction and economics.

  14. kocurekexcavators

    @ianwilson0 Rammer BR9033 we believe

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