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  1. nicoleaskander

    @lettersbyshells I checked on their site they have so many golds which gold do you use?

  2. glitterscript

    @lettersbyshells You're welcome, dear! ❤️ I tried my hand at embossing for the first time last night because of your videos. 😂 It turned out alright I guess. 😊

  3. shivaniregan

    That’s so cool!! I’ve always wanted to do vinyl but it kind of scares me 💕💕 I love your work it is so beautiful!

  4. hank_853

    👍如花美眷 似水流年 珍藏那份闪耀的幸福! 🌸

  5. katzehandwriting

    So amazing! I love the colour and combination !!!😍😍😍😍

  6. tytyla34

    @milibergt pero porque no se queda pegado y lo vuelve a pegar 😐

  7. danni_eason

    Curious as to which brush you use to letter with - looks flawless! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  8. sheeeeeeelby

    Look! Some one else spells it with on L too! @michelezephierphotography

  9. alz0003

    Gahhhh my name! It's so puuurty!!!

  10. michelezephierphotography

    @sheeeeeeelby Oh wow! She is good.

  11. chrystalizabeth

    I need to do more vinyl!! Love watching you 😅😊🤗💖💕

  12. nikkolinaxo

    Hi! May I ask why use vinyl instead of just a marker, paint or whatever to write these on the tag? Just curious, because I’m debating getting into vinyl stickers for everything 🤣

  13. jemawild

    @nancydziki so cool!

  14. nettebaltz

    So pretty! 😍

  15. alamoniz

    What font did you use for the names? Came out great 👍🏼

  16. sweetyippie_crafts

    Thanks for sharing this

  17. beads_letters

    Hi, what machine do you use to cut those letters?

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