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Good morning HUGE PR! 265lbs for 8 reps. Last meso when I used this bar (3 mesos ago), I hit 245lbs for 8. Wheeee!


  1. rpdrmike

    @aheaney08 the former

  2. tylerdoblado

    Damn, super impressive. Do you prefer using these as assistance for squats or deadlifts?

  3. dave.kooper

    Been doing these as close as possible to how you do them and they really do burn and I feel much more then I used to. Still working on 60kg but feels better.

  4. rpdrmike

    @tylerdoblado both

  5. rpdrmike

    @dave.kooper nice!

  6. _bojidari_


  7. hmzaotman


  8. sambensberg

    What would be the benefit of these over RDLs?

  9. stephinked

    mike are you training with your gi on? :p

  10. stephinked

    mike are you training with your gi on? :p

  11. ben.kalman

    Hard to see, is this a cambered bar, Mike?

  12. club_iron

    @_theskinnybuff_ Perfect good morning form

  13. _theskinnybuff_

    @club_iron 😱😱😱

  14. rustyjoeg

    Very good form. Doing mine with less weight and slower reps these days. Also using SSB. Luvinit 💪🏼😊

  15. wadearnoldd

    Are the pins there to ensure you hit desired depth or for another reason?

  16. claydoss_

    Insane! I am here doing 30kg @unkxnwn

  17. unkxnwn

    @claydoss_ lmao ow?

  18. bodyphenomofficial


  19. maur0noval

    Progressive overload 👌🏽

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