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So I kinda know this dude... Crazy amazing truck sign paints in his collection. That chicken dodge is the best one I’ve ever seen. #signpainting #junkyard #patina_perfection


  1. velvethamer

    Told ya he has cool shit

  2. leroynumberthree

    @velvethamer That’s an understatement!!! I’m gonna get that shortbed and he’s wanting to help on the build. Cool dude!

  3. velvethamer

    Yes he is your not uncool either 🤙

  4. velvethamer

    I’m thinking straight axle high front gasser tubbed

  5. leroynumberthree

    @velvethamer I think that other unibody I have was a gasser back in the day. Set up for straight axle. Those drag cars are bonkers death traps!

  6. texucrafts