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A quick look at how I cut/shape my curly wigs! I cut bangs & length earlier that day. Here I am just adding a few final layers. 💕 Let me know if y'all would like a detailed video. Y'all will never guess how much I paid for this bomb curly look! UNDER $30 sis! It's a synthetic half wig by Freetress in the style "Creta girl" . I ONLY have out my edges & it gives such a natural look. Super low maintenance & perfect for when you don't feel like laying lace! Also you can flip your hair through the day without worrying if your wig is secured! Google the wig & you will find plenty of vendors that sell it! Keep in mind it is not human hair & won't last you forever. Although in my opinion the more you play with them, the more natural they look. Should last a good month or two with good care & they're so affordable you can purchase another when it gets raggedy 🤷🏽‍♀️🤗 #patreseprotectivestyleseries  #patresebigchopjourney  #patresehairjourney  Song: Aliana Baraz & Galima x Fantasy


  1. patressee_

    @og.nay_ hi boo! 1B

  2. og.nay_

    @patressee_ thank you ❤️

  3. kenn_genius


  4. patressee_

    @plaaygirldaay._ in the caption 💕

  5. istoleyourhotwings

    @patressee_ because the hair is too beautiful lol

  6. lidia.ferdasilva


  7. hopedapoet

    I love it!!!

  8. ezedarlynfavour

    Good day lovelies pls folow me @ ezedarlynfavour to get updates on our latest bead designs, traditional look, stoned gelle and much beading class cumin up soon...jxt follow to get updates..tnks yall

  9. achocolate_queen

    @patressee_ i don't see the details to order



  11. the.blackspot

    your hair is evrything :)

  12. polkadotsncurls

    I was sure that was real 😮

  13. curly.jxy

    Omg yes queen👏🏾😍🤤

  14. xxlove.lisaxx

    How long was it when you first got it.?

  15. chelsealately12


  16. divoyeinc

    @chelsealately12 😱😱😱

  17. patressee_

    @xxlove.lisaxx about two inches longer than shown in the video

  18. jori_rome

    @charnaenevon_ cheap wig

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