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Can't wait to hit the range tomorrow 🔫

Can't wait to hit the range tomorrow 🔫


  1. ropestarcustoms

    I just got the same scope👌🏼

  2. recce_ryan

    @ropestarcustoms Solid! Love it

  3. mysticpopov

    just put same mount on my rd703 #ak47  😎 looks good bro 🔫😍

  4. recce_ryan

    @mysticpopov Thanks! That's nice, I've heard the RD700 series are solid. Can't go wrong with Geissele! How'd you mount it to the rifle?

  5. mysticpopov

    @rkaly 703 classic has a mounting bracket welded on left side. then brownells has midwest industry ak47 scope mount that attaches with a QD lever so i can pull the whole scope off in seconds 😍 peace 🇺🇸❤️

  6. calebbyrum95

    Dude I can't believe you. How dare you own an AR-15 after what happened.

  7. recce_ryan

    @calebbyrum95 I knew those Europeans would poison your mind! 🤣

  8. themanimal87

    Not going to lie, this build was an inspiration to my latest mini recce project. This is the most rad AR I’ve seen in years.

  9. recce_ryan

    @themanimal87 Much appreciated homie! I am very happy with how it turned out

  10. notguns

    Nice setup!

  11. recce_ryan

    @notguns Thanks man!

  12. j_a.robinson

    How do you like that scope?

  13. recce_ryan

    @j_a.robinson Overall it's great, and I think it's hard to beat at it's price point. I payed $850 after rebate. Glass is good, reticle is simple and usable, adjustments are smooth, seems well built. Only thing it lacks is daylight bright reticle illumination. Locking turrets would also be nice.

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