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If a clean crisp skirt with a detailed bodice and crystal glass beading is what you're looking for, this gown #klaris gown will take your breath away. Make an appointment to view our 2018 collection. 


  1. 02megs02

    Can't wait to come for my dress fitting . ....eeeeeeek

  2. vonvebridal

    @02megs02 we can't wait to have you ❤

  3. rash_1507

    @jucindaco I got mine from here and their dresses are exquisite! You must, must, must go have a look! Mine arrives in early March! Cannot wait!!! 😍😍😍

  4. jucindaco

    @rash_1507 i have an appointment with them for Saturday 😋😉

  5. rash_1507

    @jucindaco yay!!!!!!! I’m so thrilled! 😍

  6. jucindaco

    @rash_1507 cant wait to see a pic of you in yoir dress 🤗🤗🤗

  7. vonvebridal

    @jucindaco we can’t wait to meet you❤️

  8. rash_1507

    @jucindaco aaaww. I can’t wait either! 3 months to becoming Mrs Small 😊

  9. thaiwend

    So lovee this dress

  10. michele.georghiou

    Exquisite 👌

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