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Livin' the 1.93 high life

Livin' the 1.93 high life


  1. sdg8

    How do you like that optic?

  2. sdg8

    The vudu

  3. seth_yg

    How do you like the mount?

  4. recce_ryan

    @sdg8 The Vudu? It's great! Very well built, clear glass, love the SR-1 reticle, and pretty affordable (payed $850 after rebate). Only complaint is the Illumination is not daylight bright.

  5. sdg8

    @rkaly I appreciate the feedback, thank you very much. Looking for something for my DD 5v1 but should probably go with a 1x8

  6. recce_ryan

    @seth_yg Oh dude they're solid, I love everything about them. I'm gonna put a G mount on my next build too! Only thing with them is you give up the quick detach option that a lot of other brands offer. If you're running optics worthy of these mounts it shouldn't​ be an issue though!

  7. recce_ryan

    @sdg8 Absolutely! 1-6x offers plenty of versatility for most applications, and I think the Vudu is a serious contender in the 1-6 line-up. That being said, my next build is getting a Nightforce NX8 lol.

  8. seth_yg

    @rkaly totally agree next buy for me is nightforce nx8 moa reticle. I have an aero mount I’ll use but I’d be interested to see how the 1.93 works for speed vs the traditional height

  9. therooster_jr

    @rkaly did you swap the VUDU off the rifle with the MK14?

  10. sdg8

    @rkaly ha, i was thinking the nx8 as well. $$$

  11. recce_ryan

    @therooster_jr Yeah just for now, I had to send the upper back to SOLGW.

  12. recce_ryan

    @seth_yg Oh man, can't wait to get an NX8 myself! I forgot to even mention the 1.93 height lol. I think it's great. It's much more comfortable for me, and provides a more natural head position. Still get a great cheek weld too

  13. seth_yg

    @rkaly niiiice! 👍

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