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Ok... I think it’s full now 🙄😭

Ok... I think it’s full now 🙄😭


  1. thewoodlab

    I did the same thing this morning. It was half way up the filter bag. Oops

  2. poolewoodworks


  3. poolewoodworks

    Couldnt have been working very well with the filter bag half full hahah

  4. christiancutssawmillservices

    Max that thing out. Hahaja

  5. donnycarter_com

    That new machine sure looks nice! 😳

  6. stonecitywoodworks

    @donnycarter_com lol ya it’ll be really nice to actually use it when the electricians get the plugs fixed

  7. donnycarter_com

    @stonecitywoodworks sorry man! I had to! :)

  8. freedomvans

    @stonecitywoodworks do you just need to add an extra 220v outlet? I did in my shop. If youre 220v 30amp you can most likely run the saw and the dust collector at the same time. To add a second outlet is easy if it is mounted to the wall. Just extend the two hots and ground to the new outlet and mount safely. Just my 2cents

  9. frankyt_

    Is that how oatmeal is made?

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