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Hey! This is my first post, it is a 48x48 stud MOC on scarif. I really like how the water turned out, I think it is 🔥. I hope you enjoy, much bigger MOCs to come-✌🏻 #legostarwars #scarif #legoscarif #firstpost #starwars #vadervsluke #48x48


  1. refined.magazine

    Woa! I'm liking this! Check my page out🤙

  2. rebelproductions1

    Quick question why the red on the beach and awesome moc by the way

  3. skilled_moc_builder

    @rebelproductions1 good question. I just had parts lying around and but them on. 🤣

  4. skilled_moc_builder

    And thanks!! 🙏🏻

  5. snow_trooper_5002

    This is better that scarif part in the movie