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Im so curious where some dudes get their self confidence from. Ive heard things like: worse bench form ive ever seen, on competition you must have your whole back attached to the bench, you should be doing like this instead... 😴😴 Well this is not bad for my back, and the rules on comp is butt touching bench and heels touching floor. I have the flexibility to bend my back this much, it’s not necessary but it’s make me lift heavier. Things that are really good to do though is to squeeze your shoulder blades together and down so you get a stable and good position for you shoulders (I.e you can actually hurt your shoulders if your whole back is attached to the bench) and press your feet to the floor so you get some tension in your back. Why do guys give advices if they clearly don’t have a clue what they’re talking about?? Please stop beeing a mansplainer 😬 #hatersgonnahate  #bättrebyggaenklyftaänköpaen #benchpress #bänkpress #brudarsombänkar #styrkelyft #powerlifting #backbend  #girlswhopowerlift  #nomeatathlete #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #beastmode #calisthenics #streetworkout #fitgirlvideos #homeworkout #girlswithmuscle #crossfitgirl #handstandeverydamnday #tyngre #workoutvideo #barsisters  #yogagirl #musclevideos  #bodyweight  #letsdosomepullups #girlswhosquat  #bodyweighttraining #femalecalisthenics 


  1. elsypelsy

    @_kitty.chameleon_ 😘

  2. elsypelsy 😘

  3. jcabraga

    I cannot see a reason why it would be bad for your back! By I think the reason why you lift heavier is just due to a shorter movement when you’re benching in this position, don’t you think?

  4. sandra._andersson

    Gymkungen @cajsacederqvist

  5. fawaad_khan12

    @elsypelsy obviously m indian i know yoga well😊

  6. eliaadams

    @vbunfiltered teach me how to bench properly like this?

  7. fj_freesoul2018

    Your back omg 😲

  8. vbunfiltered

    @eliaadams yes ma’am

  9. ontario_iguanas

    Lift heavier because your not traveling near as far. I'd rather get full movement and lift lighter

  10. clk.slck

    @elsypelsy should be light for you 😀

  11. elsypelsy

    @jcabraga yep that’s it 😊

  12. elsypelsy

    @eliaadams 😘😘

  13. elsypelsy

    @fj_freesoul2018 😁💪🏽 tnx 😊

  14. elsypelsy

    @ontario_iguanas well we probably don’t have the same goals 😀

  15. elsypelsy

    @fawaad_khan12 so you know backbending is good for you back 😁

  16. elsypelsy

    @clk.slck yep this is light for me 😊

  17. filipohlin01

    Truuee go get em!!

  18. lottasorman

    Have you not heard about #mansplaining  😉😉??

  19. vegan_running_bear

    Så jävla inspirerande. Önskar jag kunde få till sån brygga när jag bänkar.

  20. mrstitch

    Word! Den snyggaste tekniken är den som ger resultat.

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