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'Remnants on the Lost Road' pt1
 Just added these as a set available for download on my #etsyshop  Print them,edit them,do what speaks to you.Frame them as a set and give them to someone that might appreciate the idea.  As downloads, creative freedom is yours.🙂 Link in my Bio⬆️ #blackandwhitephotography
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  1. kimpaddington

    😍 I so need to come and do a shoot with you Scott. This backdrop would be amazing! 💛👍

  2. redfisherstudio

    @kimpaddington would love to do a shoot Kim! Sad bit of background on these images; the first car is now gone,they either scrapped it or I don't know but it's gone🤔. The third car image is from a back road near Golden,BC. Not sure if it's still there either 🧐. I should come down that way,see something new!😉👍

  3. michaelfelici

    I suggest you to increase your posts, because you have potential!