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The struggle is too real. #tired #crohnsiscray


  1. weis_c

    Exactly me today!

  2. nated4wgy

    Done this today. Woke up late anyways too 🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. theycallmekole

    this is literally me, right now.

  4. brightside_bear

    Ugh I got back in bed 🙈

  5. jackiee144

    The struggle is real

  6. marksleper

    💩🔥😔 Yes, it is as real as losing control over everything in your life! 🙌🏻👊🏻😝 So relatable!!!

  7. cookiesforcurves

    Omg spot on

  8. ry_n_whitluc


  9. mojorockzz

    Winter is hell for crohnies

  10. ashenomis


  11. ikkemi86

    @kimvandijk80 hier ik dus!

  12. jobo04

    @juleshasler86 this is me! Especially when B12 is due!

  13. klwrichardson

    Yep looks like me today

  14. christcoombe

    @helen13191 Yep! 😂

  15. justinesaunders1971

    Everything morning 😫

  16. jasminestaceycollection

    Relate so bad 🙄

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