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Weather report from the South Shore of Boston: Oliver says there’s a blizzard in progress. Everyone stay inside (go potty quickly if you’re a dog).#snowstormgrayson  #winterstormgrayson 


  1. capsdog

    @jakegingercat Wylie went out too

  2. capsdog

    @ziggyzag3316 He was out very briefly

  3. dreamycartoons

    Poor baby!! Bad potty conditions!!

  4. gingerscoop22

    Stay safe sweeties. 🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️

  5. hollywoodcatreporter

    Aww stay safe guys 🙏💋❤️

  6. uli_the_black_cat

    Oh God!! You can not go to the bathroom like this !! 😬🤧🌬❄️

  7. capsdog

    @dreamycartoons indeed

  8. capsdog

    @gingerscoop22 We will

  9. capsdog

    @uli_the_black_cat No choice. It’s not sunny Spain!!

  10. capsdog

    @hollywoodcatreporter California here we come!!!

  11. hollywoodcatreporter

    @capsdog yay! Should be easier on the bones 🙌☀️🐶

  12. gravelgirty

    Animal abuse!!! 😫

  13. capsdog

    @gravelgirty He wasn’t out for long.

  14. moody.beagle

    What a beautifull pet!...

  15. this_wild_one_

    Stay safe!!

  16. thomas_the_foodie

    @capsdog It was in the 40s today and only going to 30 tonight. 😻

  17. kittymama707

    OMG! Stay warm! 🙏🏻💋🐶

  18. dex_the_cat_life

    Awww, poor guy

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