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Full Leg/Glutes routine for you to try on your next leg day! Tag your workout partner! These are some of my favorites and burn so good, I highly recommend them! You can do (4X12) Slow and controlled reps. (Video is sped up) Happy Wednesday family! . I drink my Pineapple ๐Ÿ BCAAS during and after my workouts to help with muscle recovery. Code HEIDY will save you a 20%OFF @1upnutrition #1upnutrition 


  1. thaynavalente_

    @emidiane_bezerra segue ela amiga

  2. emidiane_bezerra

    @thaynavalente_ vou dar uma olhada

  3. daveallyn1698

    Love how round the booty is when you're doing the one legged dead lifts. You must be tight. Would be amazing to give you a full body massage with coconut oil. @heidy.espaillat

  4. tiny_10


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  6. kimmamandaa

    @towntr3 wait i already follow here!

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  12. katelynnreigle

    @mariahmarie8 it looks like itโ€™s better with the dumbbell, should we try that next time?

  13. mariahmarie8

    @katelynnreigle you mean kettle bell? We used the dumbbell today? Haha

  14. katelynnreigle

    @mariahmarie8 yes lol I keep mixing them up

  15. mariahmarie8

    @katelynnreigle lol i feel it but yeah letโ€™s try that on Monday

  16. josem720

    @heidy.espaillat im sorry i watched this video like 100 times already cant stop watching

  17. kassssie__

    @jezeus_cuevas I love her leg workouts lol

  18. samyluriam

    @thalya16_carvalho vamos fazer amanhรฃ

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