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Don't cling to a mistake just because you spent a long time making it.  #lessonslearned #deepthoughts #goodvibesonly #✌🏼2017 #👋🏼2018
📷: @willxcarter


  1. kenttisher

    But sometimes mistakes are best savoured... 😜

  2. vivecachow

    You are so attractive EWWWWW

  3. madrid73

    @erabon is that beard current?

  4. rmarrone287

    Awesome photo

  5. tattuzao

    So nice!💙💚

  6. hazardsport

    Thats a great pic man 💣💥👏🏾👍🏾

  7. brookslooks

    That bod 👌

  8. willxcarter

    Hey good lookin

  9. japascucci


  10. thewb314


  11. lutherpaul

    YUMM Lick

  12. nnnnnn133887

    Seriously? And wtf does that have to do with posting a shirtless selfie when there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of those here ? Oh I get , you’re deep in thought .. cut the child of god bullshit

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