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  1. paramauri


  2. nyreehacala


  3. toasty.toasts

    Okay, but why does she look like me without my glasses? @heid.exe

  4. heid.exe

    @toasty.toasts literally though

  5. alainaacchione

    @lizzieacc never saw this one but it’s so funny

  6. autumn.stricklin


  7. age.blanchard

    me @emmas_social_anxiety @ shane

  8. essttherrrr.priv


  9. saltyyolefff

    Lmao I have those headphones

  10. saltyyolefff

    But they broke

  11. _myagonzales_

    just saw this!!!! thank u!!! ꒰⌯͒•·̫•⌯͒꒱

  12. vines_that_give_me_lyfe

    hah you’re welcome ✌🏼😎✌🏼 this is actually one of my favourite vines, I quote it all the time..

  13. marthagracedixon


  14. typical.audrey


  15. yessieafterdark


  16. the_edgo_one

    a MinIon

  17. juliazalazar_


  18. juliazalazar_


  19. emmaieigh

    @madel_doodle_doo a minion

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