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TGIF!! Today I’ll be traveling up to #Seattle  for a long weekend. I am in need of some much needed R&R. Any locals have any vegan/gluten free restaurant suggests? . I’m really excited to have a little getaway weekend and I’m stoked that my skin is on the mend. I was able to do a full #skincareroutine  last night including a #sheetmask  💜 Here is what I used: . . 🌟Cleanse, Treatment & Tone #larocheposay  Hydrating Cleanser #differin  OTC tretinoin #azelaicacid  RX around mouth ~wait 30 minutes~ #blithe  9 Essential Seeds (avoid mouth) #herbivorebotanicals  Rose Mist . . 🌟 Mask #easydew  Daily Double Hydra Cream Mask- This is a creamy/milky mask that had a great fit and the material is thin & so soft. It did have a slight aloe/creamy scent that dissipated. Notable ingredients include sh-oligopeptide-1 which is a protein that accelerates cellular proliferation and promotes healing. This also contains serine (amino acid), skin soothing extracts, panthenol & allantoin, ceramide 3, fatty alcohols, hyaluronate and rice lipids. I absolutely love cream masks and this one was phenomenal. The soft material clung to my skin. I left this on about 30 mins and after removing, my skin was incredibly soft, soothed, plump and deeply moisturized. There was a tiny bit of left over essence that I gently massaged into my skin. I love that this didn’t leave my skin feeling/looking oily as a lot of cream masks do. A well formulated, effective mask that I would definitely repurchase. This mask (and my rabbit ear headband) were sent to me by @kblushofficial 🙏🏻😘 Plz check them out! They are a really great online retailer. . . 🌟Treatment & Moisturizing #jordansamuelskin  Hydrate Serum #aromatica  Rose Absolute Eye Cream #laneige  Eye Sleeping Mask #cerave  PM Moisturizer Laneige Lip Mask (my HG!) . . .


  1. dermal_fillers_and_fat_busters

    @pdxbeautiful my goodness! :-)

  2. dirtyboysgetclean

    Love this! ✨💕

  3. jeanieahn_

    What kind of food are you looking for?

  4. pdxbeautiful

    @crossfittersanddermalfillers ☺️

  5. pdxbeautiful

    @kblushofficial yasss 🙌🏻 Thank you so much

  6. pdxbeautiful

    @dirtyboysgetclean awww thank you 😊😘

  7. pdxbeautiful

    @jeanieahn_ gluten free

  8. jeanieahn_

    @pdxbeautiful @cafefloraveg is supposed to have good gluten-free selections

  9. pdxbeautiful

    @jeanieahn_ ooo the menu looks yummy

  10. pdxbeautiful

    @cardea_auset ☺️

  11. vantisy

    Love it! Skincare goals 😍💕

  12. allisantmyer

    Hey girlie, so glad to be a part of the #palmcrew  with ya!

  13. pdxbeautiful

    @vantisy awww thanks 🙏🏻

  14. pdxbeautiful

    @allisantmyer Me too! Thanks

  15. snails_n_sparkles

    Absolutely love this!

  16. iamwanderglow

    I love this stunning shot! 😍😍

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    @iamwanderglow awww thank you dear ☺️

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    @snails_n_sparkles awww thank you 😘

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    @skincare_boi 😊

  21. skinandhoney

    Gorgeous feed! 😍 Love skincare too! #palmbffs 

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    @skinandhoney Awww thank you ☺️

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