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Sticky, gooey, sweet Cinnabons. Love the pecan ones. Perfect with a hot cup of coffee on this cold winter's day. @cinnabonuk Edgware Road. What's your favourite? 
#cinnabondelights #halal #halaldiningclub #halaldining #halallondon #halalblog


  1. chokkarokka

    Pecan tooo

  2. siddiq_h


  3. cinnabonuk

    Which is your favourite?

  4. halaldiningclub_

    @cinnabonuk pecan for sure

  5. shabasbigmouth

    Is this the same company as the one in USA

  6. halaldiningclub_

    @shabasbigmouth yes same company

  7. shabasbigmouth

    @halaldiningclub_ OMG excited 😍

  8. halaldiningclub_

    @shabasbigmouth enjoy 😊

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