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Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee🌳🦋🐝🎣🐟😀
#socalflatsfishing #galvanflyreels #galvantorque #galvanforlife #orvisflyfishing #orvisflyrods #helios2  #amazonjungle #butterflypeacockbass  #peacockbassonthefly #barboleta #riverplateanglers


  1. jurell66

    Nicely done Glenn 🤙

  2. amykgolddust

    Holy smokes, what a beauty!🤗🤗🤗

  3. glenn_ueda

    @jurell66 thanks Danny🤙. Hope to get back down there again😤

  4. glenn_ueda

    @amykgolddust they are amazingly beautiful, explosive, and aggressive. Easily the strongest fish pound for pound that I've ever caught on fly.

  5. luc18msn

    I'll be going in 7 weeks.

  6. glenn_ueda

    @luc18msn while the peacocks are going to blow your mind, it's all of the sights and sounds and other species that will trip you out😁! STOKED FOR YOU!

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