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I was so disconnected from my roots growing up, that I truly had no idea what the truth behind thanksgiving was until I became an adult. And when I was faced with the truth, I still felt separate from the native people and culture. My lineage comes from Cuzcatlan, now known as El Salvador, and I was never taught the connection we share as indigenous peoples of the "americas" . Colonization deliberately placed "borders" and separation among the native people in order to divide us. We are one tribe! From north to south ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 and it is our duty to teach our children what we were almost forced to forget ! #fuckthanksgiving  #9repeatallele  #onetribe  #native  #indigenous  #nativepride  #nativelove  #onetribe 


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    Happy to have met another NATIVE out here. Thank you for existing πŸ’“

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    @quintessential8 a'ho sis πŸ’—

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    Hell yes to everything you said!

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