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Save Gods beautifully, majestic, wildlife Elephants...
#TeamWEN #Elephant #BeKindToElephants #God #Creation #Beautiful  #Majestic #Wildlife #Save #StandUp @theellenshow @dswt #UseYourVoice


  1. princessaurora4171

    When will your WEN conditioner gallons be available on QVC?

  2. learntotrustyourjourney

    @princessaurora4171 WEN Gallons available in June😊

  3. learntotrustyourjourney

    Everyone needs to use their voice and speak up against Trump... NO MORE KILLING GOD’S majestic, beautiful, inspiring, loving creatures‼️‼️

  4. learntotrustyourjourney

    @yorkiepoodonna It is sick, twisted and beyond cruel. This from the so-called leader of our country? SPEAK UP PEOPLE‼️ #savetheelephants  #useyourvoice  #savewildlife  #standupforwildlife  #impeachtrump  #lovemywen 

  5. princessaurora4171

    @jennifergatzke noooo! 😭😭I didn’t do auto delivery this year.

  6. yorkiepoodonna

    @sonja.michele Just makes me sick!!

  7. yorkiepoodonna

    @jennifergatzke we sure do !!

  8. learntotrustyourjourney

    @princessaurora4171 I know, I wish they were offered all the time...but only twice a year.😢 ALWAYS DO Auto delivery if you can!

  9. sonja.michele

    @yorkiepoodonna Same here! I oppose trophy hunting with every fiber of my being

  10. yorkiepoodonna

    @sonja.michele well I just think it is a sick sport, there was a couple hunters that killed by the animal they were trying to shoot😊

  11. caramarieadams58

    I second that thought. Elephants are my spirit animals🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘

  12. greatbritishafternoonteaco

    This hurts my heart could they?????

  13. sonja.michele

    @yorkiepoodonna now that’s what I call instant karma! 😆

  14. codenamecarebear

    I read Trump rescinded the order. It will be reconsidered! I am so pleased. Elephants are such incredible animals and get treated so poorly. Same with pigs, anyway! No import of trophies at least for the time. Hopefully forever. 🐘🐘🐘

  15. tt_0809


  16. yorkiepoodonna

    @sonja.michele For sure!!

  17. dessa1531


  18. sheilaking3632

    Amen ❤❤

  19. dmmratti

    Trump is an IDIOT. What kind of a dark soul would even want to kill these wonderful animals.. Trump and his family are sick. His son went over and killed a elephant and cut its tail off. We have this Trump family representing our country. I am embarrassed for us. Bottom line LEAVE ALL OF THESE ANIMALS ALONE

  20. yorkiepoodonna

    @sonja.michele that is so sick,they should cut his tail off😡

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