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You made it to Thursday – you deserve a cookie. 🍪#foodbythegram

You made it to Thursday – you deserve a cookie. 🍪#foodbythegram 


  1. phillyfoodgirls

    we'll take 1... or a dozen.

  2. phlfoodstagram

    It’s so pretty!

  3. angelala_eats

    Yesss especially with rainbow sprinkles

  4. pancakes.and.protein.shakes

    Still need to stop by this place

  5. foc_ldn

    Absolute favourite cookie 😍

  6. food_aphillyated

    Yay thanks and such a happy one!

  7. happyhungryfoodie

    So cute and pretty .. Have a happy Thursday 😊

  8. jo_nadine

    No doubt, one of my favorite Philly coffee spots! The fairmount location will always have a piece of my heart ✨☕️🍳💕@ocfcoffeehouse

  9. foodbythegram

    @jo_nadine isn't it just the cutest?!

  10. jo_nadine

    @foodbythegram yes, AND the most delicious 🤗

  11. snackbreakers

    omg love looooove all those sprinkles

  12. foodieonpoint

    If you insist... I'll eat 10

  13. thephillyfoodist

    And a cookie for you and you

  14. trufflesandtakeout

    Cookies are the best!

  15. phillyphoodz

    Cookie is so perf

  16. phillyfoodnatic

    I'm going to need a cookie to get through the week!

  17. hawaiiankanpachi


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