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ZX490LCH-6 on its first day of work #newequipment #demolition #hitachi #excavator #neveroutofreach #bespoke #engineering #kocurek


  1. tebbano

    I saw her on her maiden voyage this morning coming round the M25 👌

  2. stefano_lucignano

    25mt? 3 ton tool?

  3. myinnerstrenx

    Nice shot! Is it Strenx in the arm?

  4. kocurekexcavators

    @tebbano yes she left the factory this morning

  5. kocurekexcavators

    @myinnerstrenx yes always ! 💪

  6. myinnerstrenx

    @kocurekexcavators 💪💪💪

  7. tebbano

    @kocurekexcavators she looks like a fantastic bit of kit 👌 hats off to you guys

  8. kocurekexcavators

    @tebbano Thank you for your kind comment 👍

  9. odonnell1988

    What a track frame bet that machine doesn’t move

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