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Finna catch this flight to LA #WBD

Finna catch this flight to LA #WBD 


  1. william1586

    Eres un gran pelotero

  2. meg_marie_08

    😻😻😻 congrats on the big win @abreg_1 ❤️❤️❤️

  3. andrea_lewis10

    I seriously have the best time watching you.

  4. jmerlan

    @andrea_lewis10 ok....

  5. marandadiazz

    @salwashere_ “Finna” lmao Houston asf

  6. monica.a.garza

    @abreg_1 we missed the parade where r u ???

  7. jj__king_03_savage

    That’s my boy

  8. stevensgrace

    I'm so proud!!!

  9. miles.belll

    Don't be surprised... Rookies can do it all! @abreg_1

  10. aaronsendejo

    Can we get a wheel barrel for this guys nuts!!!!! God dawg we love ya boy!!! @abreg_1

  11. blaise31010

    This pic is my wallpaper to my phone

  12. maribellmorales3714

    That is how you know they are champions and are not stopping because of ALEX BREGMAN no one can stop the HOUSTON ASTROS

  13. angelinaamarieee

    In love with you omg

  14. htxgalaxy

    @hitbillz how did that end up?

  15. htxgalaxy

    @jackstottt he certainly caught that L!!

  16. htxgalaxy

    @_jonjonrusso76 overrated? Can’t even spell it 🤫😬

  17. hitbillz

    @htxgalaxy welp not god lmfao

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