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It's National Comic Book Day, who's excited for AoS S5? #Marvel #AgentsofSHIELD #ThePunisher #Inhumans #TheDefenders #JessicaJones #Daredevil #LukeCage #IronFist #Elektra #ThorRagnarok #AgentCarter #Avengers #IronMan #CaptainAmerica #Hulk #BlackWidow #Hawkeye #Mockingbird #Spiderman #TheFalcon #WarMachine #TheVision #ScarletWitch #BlackPanther #WinterSoldier #DrStrange #Antman


  1. aosgeek


  2. mattiapianelli

    Wait....trailer is coming?

  3. jonatan93p


  4. radcock99


  5. kylewilliamlivingston

    Yes, at some point but I don't think it's coming until NYCC. @mattiapianelli

  6. mattiapianelli

    @kylewilliamlivingston that is when?

  7. kylewilliamlivingston

    @mattiapianelli Oct 5th to Oct 8th.

  8. comic_nerd_wanna_be

    have you checked the AoS imdb lately? i was snooping around and noticed the actor Jeff Ward is listed for every episode. for a movie actor, that’s a lot of work and they’re not saying who he’s playing. hmmm?

  9. comic_nerd_wanna_be

    @comic_nerd_wanna_be also there’s a character named Enoch, played by Joel Stoffer. might be a scientist from golden age marvel, or a version of the goat-humanoid magical defense guy from recent xmen comics ( not likely)

  10. jeffreysmaces

    @comic_nerd_wanna_be IMDb is usually incorrect since any random person can edit it. I remember last summer Gabriel Luna was listed for every episode of S4

  11. kylewilliamlivingston

    Yeah @comic_nerd_wanna_be , is right IMDb isn't the best site to get info from but since we don't know really anything about S5, lets have some fun making theories based off of the info that IMDb gives us :). Joel Stoffer has already been on AoS as the "Silhouetted Man" who took Coulson's team. If he is actually playing Enoch, he is like you said most likely Enoch Mason (the scientist). I had to look him & found that he created a device called the "Dimension Smasher", a device that opens dimensions because he believed that supernatural beings that were seen as ghosts were actually from an immaterial dimension next to ours. Which AoS has proven that theory to be true (Lucy Bauer & the whole peanuts gang), so he would fit right in with the AoS characters. So what if Coulson's team was actually taken to a dimension that just looks like space? The one thing that disproves the theory about them being in another dimension is on IMDb, an actor by the name of Jay Hunter (which on his twitter/instagram he has confirmed he does have a role on AoS). IMDb says he is playing a Kree Watch Commander, so if that is true I highly doubt that a Kree is hopping dimensions :).

  12. comic_nerd_wanna_be true. forgot about that

  13. comic_nerd_wanna_be

    @kylewilliamlivingston this is exciting. so many possibilities. could we see the start of the Kree/Skrull war? we now know Skrulls will be used in the Captain Marvel movies. also, with the introduction of Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider, could the team venture to places like Weird World? what if this is how Black Knight is introduced to mcu?

  14. kylewilliamlivingston

    @comic_nerd_wanna_be I do hope AoS explores the Kree/Skrull war & not just a reference to it. Introducing the Weird World would be cool :).

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