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  1. dixontom

    Awesome video Stu.

  2. roddkeevil81

    That's bloody awesome ! Top video @voyager_craft_malt

  3. craft_worker

    I reckon if that Roo could speak it would say WTF!

  4. gingemasterj


  5. declanrurenga


  6. nz365guy

    One word: Amazing!

  7. capitalbrewing

    Looks amazing! How is this year's crop going with the lack of rain we have had?

  8. voyager_craft_malt

    @capitalbrewing it's doing it very tough. Yesterday was a killer. In desperate need of rain. ๐Ÿคž

  9. capitalbrewing

    @voyager_craft_malt sorry to hear that guys. We will do the rain dance here and think of you + pray to Ullr for a bumper crop. Hope things look up.

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