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One with nature. 🌸 #bougainvillea #CJ_theMiniPhotog


  1. ebearlt

    Gorgeous! ❤️💗💕

  2. chrisjohnsonphoto

    @ebearlt Thanks!!! The colors really caught CJ's eye too! 😄🌸

  3. i_am_pixlady

    I've missed you and CJ

  4. mirabelleandfriends

    Wow CJ what a beautiful, vibrant bougainvillea! You really are a fantastic photographer! 🤗

  5. chrisjohnsonphoto

    @i_am_pixlady Thanks, we're glad to be back with more photos. I've been quite busy learning some others forms of photography that i hope to share in the near future. 😄

  6. chrisjohnsonphoto

    @mirabelleandfriends Wow what a nice compliment!!! Thank you so much! My dad is the one who tends to these bougainvillea, he takes great care of them. 😊

  7. thearistobears

    So beautiful.

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