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FOR SALE! DM if interested.

FOR SALE! DM if interested.


  1. dave_rukus

    You just got it bro

  2. djaemac

    @dave_rukus As much as I love it, i probably hate it more, lol. Want something better 😎

  3. dave_rukus

    @djaemac just get a Ferrari already

  4. mirandarhashelle

    Already?! Didn't you guys just get that?? Lol

  5. shellseaxd


  6. djaemac

    @mirandarhashelle yea, and I hate it haha. Want to buy it?

  7. mirandarhashelle

    @djaemac 😂 Nooo thank you. I'd rather buy diapers. I've been ready your posts how much has it guzzles. I'm coo, I'll stick to my Honda. Haha

  8. no.goode

    So what kind of Cayenne will you replace it with 😈

  9. eedderss

    Upgrade to the 4x4 lol

  10. dbeaver82

    NOT THE BEAST !!!! 😡

  11. b1gc24


  12. djaemac

    @no.goode lol...thought about it 🤔

  13. djaemac

    @eedders392 i was going to do that to this, but i fell out of love with it quick haha

  14. djaemac

    @dbeaver82 buy it from me. New mommy car 😉

  15. rob_pascua12

    Would love to buy it off you but out of my price range for sure haha

  16. djaemac

    @rob_pascua12 ill take payment in Trident layers 😄😂😂🤣

  17. rob_pascua12

    @djaemac 😂😂 if only that was a thing

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