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It was the most beautiful day in this most beautiful city. Dear Venice: we love you. ❤️ #Venice #Italy #rialtobridge #grandcanal #allthebrightplaces #wanderitaly


  1. ann_cece

    You love Venice while I love you.

  2. ann_cece

    You're in Italy wandering while I'm here sitting at home doing homework. Fun.

  3. marissaponcee

    So pretty!! 😭

  4. ischah_longley

    So lovely like you ❤

  5. barbxvaz

    Come to México!❤ i really need to see you in person

  6. ann_cece

    When can I meet you?! 😭

  7. indyxsanchez

    Looks so bright 💜💜💜

  8. lilrongal


  9. penny_fearn

    I get my tattoo violet and finch tattoo this Thursday. I hope you will look. Thank you for making this book. It will forever be in my heart. ❤️ @jenniferniven

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