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A really good look at the official BoA legacy Movie Coins, and a comparison to my prop coin. I like them, I still definitely want to get them, but I don't know about the paint apps on the BOA ones #resinprop #3dprinting #propreplica #props #powerrangers #powerrangers2017 #mightymorphinpowerrangers #bandai #legacy #powercoins #powermorpher #toysrus


  1. theloganmanning

    Yours is def more offish! 👌🏻

  2. thespiritrealm

    @perlermario how much for a pterodactyl?

  3. perlermario

    @thespiritrealm DM me and we can talk

  4. thespiritrealm

    @perlermario I tried DMing you several times over the past month and you never respond

  5. perlermario

    @thespiritrealm hmm weird. I haven’t received anything. I’ll just send you one

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