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My 1st 10 blocks done for Jessica's @craftycop request for #bluerkblocks

My 1st 10 blocks done for Jessica's @craftycop request for #bluerkblocks 


  1. craftycop

    Those birds, they are SO much fun AND pretty perfect! Thank you SO much πŸ’™

  2. auntjeni

    @craftycop they are 40% off at my local quilt shop. How big do the quilts finish?

  3. craftycop

    @auntjeni they are about 73 by 84-ish, about 5 1/2 yards of backing ...

  4. auntjeni

    @craftycop thanks, I'll pick up some to send with my blocks

  5. craftycop

    Really @auntjeni? That would be awesome 😘

  6. auntjeni

    @craftycop already pulled more fabric out last night to make more, they are so addictive & for such a great cause.

  7. craftycop

    Wait, did this X fabric come from @lindaschiefelbein? Linda, look and thank you 😘

  8. auntjeni

    @craftycop it did, I received within a few days of putting out my request. I was so generous of her to provide & she paid for shipping as well. She has a very giving spirit

  9. craftycop

    @auntjeni SO kind πŸ’™

  10. auntjeni

    @lindaschiefelbein I accidentally deleted your msg. You are absolutely the sweetest. I asked my quilty tribe for fabric donations & they came through. I'm cutting this weekend & at our week long camp next week this is the charity project we chose to work on. We always try to do charity work at each camp/retreat for good juju. Hopefully someday we will be able to leave our seam rippers at home. πŸ˜‚

  11. lindaschiefelbein

    @auntjeni Quilty friends with stashes are the best. Have a great retreat.

  12. auntjeni

    @lindaschiefelbein welp, I just got done cutting our blocks, however I'm lacking the low volume for the outside triangles & my ladies didn't have much to use. Would you be able to send more? I have 40 blocks ready to be sewn.

  13. lindaschiefelbein

    You need outside triangle low volume for 40 blocks?

  14. auntjeni

    @lindaschiefelbein if it's not too much to ask.

  15. lindaschiefelbein

    @auntjeni When do you need them by?

  16. auntjeni

    @lindaschiefelbein next week is our camp, but honestly it's no rush, we can put the centers together

  17. lindaschiefelbein

    @auntjeni I'm starting to cut fabric for you.

  18. lindaschiefelbein

    Finished cutting the fabric this morning. Your package is supposed to arrive Thursday.

  19. lindaschiefelbein

    @auntjeni Did you get your package?

  20. auntjeni

    @lindaschiefelbein yes I did, I thought I had tagged you in a picture. So sorry, I now have the centers done for 47 more, I have your low volume prints cut & will be adding the corners at my camp this week.