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I love Boston! Last night @laughboston audiences are smart, friendly, and they get me!  Tonight I return to for more! Never mind that stain right at belly button level. #friendslikeuspodcast #goodpeople #bostoncomedy #laughboston #midwestgirlatheart❤ #catlady


  1. willdubose

    Are u performing in Boston tonight?

  2. marinayfranklin

    @willdubose yes! I'm here all weekend.

  3. willdubose

    @marinayfranklin was gonna send a friend but worried about the content of your act!!!! 😏😁😁😳😏😎

  4. marinayfranklin

    @willdubose yeah. Maybe not.

  5. djterryhunter

    I see you representing!

  6. djreason32

    It was great meeting you last night. I finally got to see you perform after listening to you on @friendslikeuspodcast for over a year, and you did not disappoint. 😆

  7. marinayfranklin

    @djreason32 yes! It was great to meet you too DJ 😜

  8. pantalones7

    You da shiznit #touchthisshit