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#bluerkblocks at Camp Calico.  Many hands joining Coastal Quilters Guild and JAXMQG in this endeavor.

Still need to add the last 11 blocks ad then stitch together. 
#craftycop can you send me four labels......We're just gonna send you four completed quilts and any keftocer blocks.

#campcalico,  #jaxmgq,  #coastalquiltersofnefl, #bluerkblocks


  1. maus_in_the_haus_

    Wow that photo looked so clear on the over coming!!!

  2. craftycop

    Wow ladies, what a fantastic contribution!

  3. craftycop

    And I sent you a DM 📫

  4. lgcme

    The sentiment comes across even with a blurry photo. 💙