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CJ is on his first portrait session. 📷 Reminds me of my first one, but we didn't find flowers this huge!! 😆 (Swipe➡) #PortraitSession #CJ_theMiniPhotog


  1. emma_the_egyptian_duck

    Emma-zing 😍😍😍 CJ gets better and better

  2. i_am_pixlady

    Perfect...keep them coming.

  3. thearistobears

    Just so fantastic!

  4. chrisjohnsonphoto

    @emma_the_egyptian_duck Thanks Emma, CJ has done a lot of practicing!

  5. chrisjohnsonphoto

    @i_am_pixlady Thank you, many more on the way!

  6. chrisjohnsonphoto

    @tybaltthebear Thank you!! It's lots of fun!

  7. chrisjohnsonphoto

    @ginger_ned 👍😁 Thanks, Ned!

  8. mirabelleandfriends

    What a fantastic first session CJ! And yes, how lucky to have found such a HUGE flower ! 😊

  9. ebearlt

    Damn! I was just going to post a similar photo I took a while back! 😱😅 Now I'll have to push back the release date! 😛😜

  10. chrisjohnsonphoto

    Thank you, @mirabelleandfriends! It was perfect for the photo!

  11. chrisjohnsonphoto

    @ebearlt Looks like we tend to think alike, Evan! 😂 I'm really looking forward to seeing your version of a shot like this 😆