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🌌 Watch till end. I took this time lapse when i went to a hotel in Cape Vincent. I thought that The Milky Way at the beginning would go left and down but it ended up going up and right lol thats why it disappeared quickly, but i still think it looks amazing 🌌


  1. ali.weisss

    but not as much as i love you

  2. richard.kauli

    @ali.weisss but I love you more baby

  3. lxzahh


  4. richard.kauli

    @yikesyeliza IKRR!!!

  5. _juliet.grace

    i wish i could film something like this

  6. richard.kauli

    @julietta_grace and I wish I could see this every day in New York but all this light pollution tho

  7. asiansanta_

    damn rich getin it

  8. richard.kauli

    @_asiansanta mhm thanks bro

  9. sand41503

    Dang that's amazing

  10. richard.kauli

    @sand41503 yeah ikr and thanks

  11. ian.nani

    Do you want this to be a profession in your future? You seem really good at this.

  12. richard.kauli

    @asian.godfather I mean I wanna get a stable job but if photography kicks off yeah I want it to be my profession

  13. richard.kauli

    @asian.godfather and thanks

  14. pal_the_hoe

    This is highkey nice tf

  15. richard.kauli

    @pal_the_hoe yeah ikr and thanks

  16. skyisegg

    holy shit this is so pretty

  17. richard.kauli

    @skyisegg thanks sky

  18. _.polina___

    Jesus this is insane, in a good way😍

  19. richard.kauli

    @_.polina___ thanks :))) 😊😊