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It's National Rum Day! In celebration we are enjoying our deliciously crafted "Seaside Blossom" cocktail - Wiggly White Rum, coconut, hibiscus 🌺 simple syrup, and juice of an orange. FUN RUM WIGGLY FACTS: We use 100% Caribbean molasses where some others supplement with cane sugar. Our barreled aged Rum gets its beautiful color strictly from a used bourbon Barrel. No artificial coloring! #rum  #local  #craft  #molasses  #nationalrumday  #family  #maine  #york  #yorkmaine  #newengland  #barnbatched  #adi  #acsa 


  1. wwwcentralmass

    Are you working tomorrow

  2. mi_cliqa

    "Drinking rum before 10am makes you a pirate, not an alcoholic 🕺

  3. wigglybridgedistillery

    @mi_cliqa Hahahaha LOVE THIS

  4. macaboston

    I need to come and visit!

  5. wigglybridgedistillery

    @wwwcentralmass I'm not tomorrow but what time were you thinking I can see what I can do to see you!

  6. wigglybridgedistillery

    @macaboston YES