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I'm seriously so so proud of Vanessa The Mayor!! This is the first time she's rode the bus in YEARS!! She's not a fan of crowds so Disneyland is kinda overwhelming for her. We didn't tell her where we were going today. I told her we were going shopping and eating lunch so that she wouldn't freak out if I told her Disneyland. I brought her about 3 years ago but we didn't ride the buses. She did great and she loved it! #vanessathemayor  #disneyland  #downtowndisney  #specialneeds  #specialneedsadvocate  #autism  #realhomies  #proudmoment  #bus  #toystory  #stoked  #california  #calistyle  #rad  #inspire  #blessed  #fieldtrip  #changingthefaceofbeauty 


  1. marlene_face_for_glory

    Aw!!! Micah LOVES this video of Vanessa!!!

  2. babadalopez_whosoever

    @thvgwaffle187 😂😂😂

  3. babadalopez_whosoever

    @amadingdang thanks my Dear Russian Amiga pero SHE'S the best!!😍😍

  4. babadalopez_whosoever

    @marlene_face_for_glory Aaaw because he has a beautiful heart like his Mama!😍

  5. marlene_face_for_glory

    @babadalopez_whosoever Micah has been trained my a special ed teacher at the church to work with one of our nonverbal autistic boys. He's so good with all of our autistic children in our church. We actually have 5 at our church.

  6. babadalopez_whosoever

    @marlene_face_for_glory so rad! I love it! Our boys are so similar in so many ways

  7. marlene_face_for_glory

    @babadalopez_whosoever I'm so proud of my boy. God's so good to bless us with sons who have such a beautiful heart.

  8. babadalopez_whosoever

    @marlene_face_for_glory we are truly blessed indeed!😍

  9. catcook117

    Saw her in Hallmark with her mom this past weekend. She's so sweet. "Aaron mom."

  10. babadalopez_whosoever

    @catcook117 Aaaw! Yeah she just loves you!!

  11. jefinner1822

    Awww she's so sweet!

  12. jefinner1822

    I love her wave 😍

  13. busymom90

    How cute

  14. cheeeewawa


  15. hat_whosoever


  16. jesus_orea96

    OMG so cute

  17. etzsharon

    Miss you

  18. babadalopez_whosoever

    @etzsharon we miss you too 😍