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Treasure on the trail.

Treasure on the trail.


  1. skanaski06

    I really want to travel Colorado with you..... It's ridiculous! You look so in your element keep posting photos

  2. babyhorsies


  3. haflingeratliberty

    So wish I could be there with you! And that I could bring Tao - he'd love those trails! 💜

  4. madisonshort

    I miss you. I hope you're having a blast!! 💜

  5. gogobirdd

    @skanaski06 it sure is great out here. Maybe you're next trip, miss world traveler!

  6. gogobirdd

    @babyhorsies miss riding with you bb.

  7. gogobirdd

    @haflingeratliberty I bet Tao would love it out here! I need to meet this man of yours one day! Miss you 😘

  8. gogobirdd

    @madisonshort I miss you more! Can't wait to see you this fall. Xoxo!

  9. skanaski06

    @gogobirdd done deal!